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6 Must-Have Apps That Will Make Your Life As a Homeowner Easier

Homeowners, there are a lot of things you need to keep up with and track of regarding your home. Luckily, there’s an app for almost everything! Here are our 7 favorite apps that will make your life easier.


If you’ve recently moved, AroundMe is a great resource. The app uses your location to give you lists of nearby places like gas stations, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, banks, bars, concerts, movies and theaters, parking, and more. It takes the guesswork out of learning about your new neighborhood.



Encircle keeps you prepared in case something goes wrong with your home. Use the app to keep track of everything in your home by taking pictures of your rooms and belongings. Encircle stores those pictures in case you ever have anything stolen, need to file an insurance claim, or you need to make a tenant damage claim.



If you plan on updating or renovating your home, Houzz is the best resource for ideas, in our opinion. Interior designers share photos of their work and even answer questions, like what color paint they used on cabinets and where they purchased light fixtures. You can also browse interior design tutorials and shop the items you see pictured. Browse ideas by room and filter by your design taste. This app is sure to inspire your next home project!



Your oven just broke, and the previous home owners didn’t leave you with an owner’s manual. What now? Centriq allows you to easily access owner manuals for everything in your house, including appliances, electronics, A/C, heaters, security systems, plants and landscaping, and interior finishes. Simply take a picture of your oven, for example, and the app provides information like user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and compatible parts. The app even offers one touch shopping through Amazon to buy compatible products quickly and easily.


ColorSmart by BEHR

Use this app to make finding the perfect paint color easily by searching all of BEHR paint colors, viewing designer-coordinated color combinations, and previewing colors in different rooms. Benjamin Moore Color Capture App is another great option for finding paint colors!



BillMinder keeps all of your important bills in one convenient place and shoots you reminders about upcoming or late bills or anything that needs your attention. Never have an overdue bill again. BillMinder will also help you see where your money is going by creating graphs and charts of your expenses. Download this app to easily stay on top of you payments and check bills on the go.

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