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8 Low-Cost Curb Appeal Upgrades that Work!

Have you ever driven past a home and began daydreaming about the inside? Curb appeal boosts your home’s look, feel, and quality. Whether you are selling or just trying to freshen up your house, low-cost, exterior upgrades can take your home from flat to friendly in just a few steps!

The Front Door

The front door is one of the first impressions of a welcoming home. It can seem expensive and a hassle to replace, but this is not always the case. An upgrade such as a knocker, handle, or a decorative wreath can spice up any front door. If your front door needs a bit more TLC, paint could give it a fresh look. Maybe your door could use a pop of color? You can use the Front Door Paint app, which lets you virtually test out different colors.

Painted door to boost curb appeal

The Porch Lighting

There’s nothing welcoming about a dark entryway. The front porch can serve as a great place to relax. To start, clean off all cobwebs and debris around outdoor fixtures, which will instantly make the space appear more bright and clean. If your light fixtures are dated, replace them with something new and fresh! Just turn off the electricity, remove the old fixture, wire up the new one, and screw it to the wall. Simple as that! If you need and additional light source, you could also get creative with hanging lanterns, string lights, or lamps.

Front porch lighting to boost the curb appeal of your Tuscaloosa home for sale

The Porch Decor

Decor can improve the curb appeal of your home. Simple greenery around the front door or flower pots can freshen up the look of your porch. Seating is also a key piece to your look. Rocking chairs, benches, pictures, outdoor rugs, tables, and sofas create a friendly environment to relax or have company. These items can blend in, or add touches of color to brighten things up. Keep in mind, you do not want too much clutter– just a few items depending on the size of your area.

Front porch decor to boost curb appeal of your Tuscaloosa home

A New Door Mat

Showing your home will likely require more foot traffic than normal, making this the perfect time for a clean, functional doormat. A small touch like a new door mar can brighten the feel of your home. It can be a cute quote, initials, or pattern. Mats are the last impression of a home before you enter.

New door mat for an inviting entry way

Paint Windows and Trim

Painting windows and trim may seem like a large task, but it’s doable and can be very rewarding! Worn down paint on a home can create a dull look. The prep may be more time consuming than the actual task, but this is a great refresher for a home.

Newly painted windows and trim to boost curb appeal

Paint Shutters

Shutters can easily be forgotten about, but they can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. They are also a great way to add some contrast to your home’s exterior. If you already have shutters, check the finish. They made need a touch up.

New black shutters on a white, Tuscaloosa home

Trim, Cut, and Chop: 

Trimming up bushes, shrubs, and limbs makes a world of a difference. Cutting the grass, removing fallen branches and leaves give a cozy look to your yard. Spice it up by planting new flowers to add a pop of color.

Beautiful landscaping and lawn

Replace the House Numbers: 

This is one of the least expensive upgrades you can make. House numbers are the first thing people are seeing when hunting for your home! This small detail can add character.

New, modern house numbers to make a good first impression

While improving the curbside look of your house, remember it is your home. Get creative and have fun! Curb appeal can work wonders all around!

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