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8 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Performing regular maintenance on your home or property is a vital part of maintaining your investment and ensuring that it becomes an asset to you rather than a liability. Repairs or replacement of many common household items will eventually be required, however, doing regular maintenance will go a long way to saving you money and reducing your level of stress.

Here are 8 home maintenance projects we suggest you tackle this summer!

  1. Clean inside: Summer brings the heat. This means you’re probably going to be using your ceiling fans and air conditioner more often. The last thing you want is for dust to accompany the air blowing around your house. Give your home a good dusting, including fan blades and vents to prevent dust and allergens from filling the air.
  1. Clean outside: With less rain and clear skies it’s a perfect time to get outside and tidy your yard. After all, you’ll want the exterior of your house looking great for your summer barbeques and outdoor gatherings. Check your driveway and walkways. If they look dirty and full of leaves or debris, consider renting a pressure washer from your local hardware store to give them a good power cleaning. You can also use the pressure washer to clean your home’s exterior. Give outdoor furniture a rinse, clear away cobwebs, and get ready to entertain!
  1. Wash the windows: With no rain or harsh, wet weather in sight, summer is an excellent time to wash your windows. Your average window cleaning spray is probably not going to do the trick. Grab a bucket of soapy water, a squidgy, and some towels to get your windows sparkling.
  1. Clean the grill: There isn’t much that says summer like good outdoor grilling. You won’t regret this summer home maintenance tip when you get to cook some of your favorite food outside. Once the season hits, make sure to scrub your grill and remove any dirt and food that may have accumulated.
  1. Inspect your house: Key among summer home tips, is inspecting the exterior of your house. Take advantage of the clear weather and bright sun by inspecting your home’s exterior. Look for cracks, rust, signs of water damage, and other issues that need attention. It’s best to get things fixed before the weather turns cold.
  1. Power wash and reseal your deck: This will help prevent any wood from splitting, graying or cracking.
  1. Inspect fencing: Reinforce, re-stain, reseal or repaint as needed.
  1. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct: Without some maintenance, clogged lint and dust in your dryer vents could cause a house fire.

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