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Add Spring Curb Appeal to Help Sell Your Home

Springtime is an ideal time to sell your home. Flowers are blooming, and the warmer weather is bringing out high numbers of home buyers. Those buyers may be forming their first impression of your home by its curb appeal.

An attractive home exterior can add value to your home. Follow these steps to add spring curb appeal before it hits the market. The time and money you invest in preparing your home for sale will make it stand out in a competitive market.

1. Enhance the front door– An attractive front door can set the tone for the entire house. A new coat of paint or sanding and restaining the door can go a long way! Finish it off with a simple wreath that draws attention to the door or potted plants that flank the doorway.

2. Declutter the yard– If you have items in your yard that will move with you any way, go ahead and store them away. Clutter might include toys, lawn art, chairs, etc. These items could distract buyers from the natural elements of your home’s exterior.

3. Add or replace mulch and pinestraw– Adding new mulch or pinestraw to all of your flower or plant beds is a relatively inexpensive way to boost your curb appeal. Mulch comes in a variety of colors which can enhance the contrast of the surrounding plants and make everything stand out. It’s easy to do yourself and will make the exterior of the home look clean and new.

4. Tend to plant beds– Even the most basic flower beds look great when properly edged. The clean lines will help boost the home’s entry. Replace plants that are in bad shape with new plants. Remove any weeds and trim and shape any plants that need it.

5. Add a pop of color– Whether it’s a bright hue of paint on your front door, or beautiful plants– a pop of color can make your home stand out. Seasonal colors can make the landscape pop, and flats of annuals aren’t very expensive. Pick a color scheme that works with the look of your home.

6. Break out the power washer– Power washers can make make grungy surfaces look brand new with minimal effort. Power washers can be purchased or rented and should be used to clean your home’s paved surfaces when getting ready to list. Power washers are also great for brick and vinyl siding.

7. Replace exterior hardware– Make a quick trip to the hardware store to replace rusted or damaged exterior door handles, knockers, old railing, or gutters. While you are there, pick up stylish street numbers as a decorative accent for your front porch.

8. Clean those windows– Dirty windows will drag down the appearance of your home. Spend time cleaning the window panes and every part of the window frame. If you find any peeling paint, prep and paint those spots too.

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