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Investing in Your Home: Which Updates Return Best?

Once you’ve lived in your home for a while, you start to notice the rough spots and begin thinking of ways to improve your home. This is a tough decision for all home owners. Which projects make the most sense to do first? Will any of them actually pay for themselves in gained home equity, or are these changes just for your own enjoyment?

For the past 31 years, Renovation Magazine has been trying to answer these and other questions by performing a national survey about home renovations and the resell values that tended to accompany them.

Their findings for 2018 were just released, and this chart shows their cost vs. value report:

Ok, So What Bigger Projects Will Help My Home’s Value?

• Replacing your windows with vinyl thermopanes. (74.3 percent)
• Upgrading your bathroom to a universal design. (70.6 percent)
• Just upgrading your bathroom, period. (70.1 percent)

It’s apparent that kitchens and bathrooms are a big deal to buyers. These rooms can sell the house. “You can have the best curb appeal possible, but if your bathroom is difficult to use or your kitchen has no cabinets or non-functional work spaces, you put your money in the wrong places,” Rob Morelli with HomeKeepr points out.

Curb appeal is also important as evident from the garage door and stone veneer project values. Buyers want a nice looking home. If you want to upgrade your Tuscaloosa house for a sale down the line, the exterior is a great place to start!

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