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Team Tuesday: Welcome Morgan Smyth!

We are so excited to welcome Morgan Smyth to the Team as an agent! Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Morgan has always appreciated the art of Southern hospitality and the special place that is home. She fell in love with studying the real estate market alongside her mom, who has been in the business more than 15 years, and has enjoyed helping friends and family find their dream home. Get to know a little more about our newest team member below.

What is something you collect? Justice and I like to pick up a pretty coffee table book from cool places we’ve visited. The book is fun to have sitting out so you can look through the pictures and remember all of the beautiful spots. We’ll even use ideas from that place to incorporate into our home. If we can’t find a book, we’ll usually make our own photo book or find a Christmas ornament to remind us of that favorite place! 

What is your hidden talent? Sadly, it’s still hiding.

What is your favorite non-profit? My favorite non-profit in Tuscaloosa is Family Counseling Services. The organization does so much good in our community by providing counseling for families, parents, and individuals. Their annual Death by Chocolate event is pretty sweet too! 

What is your favorite family tradition? My father-in-law started a tradition with my mother-in-law when they first married. Every year he would give her a silver bell engraved with a line that captured the memories of the year. For 33 years, she had a beautiful collection of bells filled with special memories to recall year after year. When Justice and I were engaged, he started the tradition for me. Some of my favorite ones have been “Bride and Croom” for the year we got married and lived on Croom Drive in Montgomery, and “Mommy and Me Francie makes 3” for the year Francie was born. It’s a really special tradition and it’s so fun to read them each year as we get them out to decorate our tree for Christmas.

What was your first job? My first job was at Private Gallery on the UA strip. It was a cute jewelry and clothing boutique for ladies. I started when I was 16 and had so much fun there playing dress up and meeting new people as they would come shop. Game day was always exciting there too watching the crowd pass by on University Boulevard. We always had a nice crowd shopping for gifts and accessories, or sometimes, more comfortable shoes or a warmer outfit for the ball game!

What are you currently reading? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 

Who is someone you admire? Sara Blakely is an entrepreneur that I admire for taking a risk with a great idea. She’s built Spanx into a billion dollar business and she started it by herself with $5,000 in her pocket. She says to “believe you can do it and you will” and to “protect your ideas, dreams and goals.” I admire her self made success and what she is doing with her foundation to support education and entrepreneurial training. 

What is a skill you wish you had? I wish I could sing, I am terrible! The sad thing about this is that I know the words to all of the songs on the radio, but I can only confidently burst out into song alone.

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