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We Fell In Love With Real Estate, and Keller Williams, All Over Again

Last weekend our team traveled to New Orleans for Keller William’s biggest annual event. At Family Reunion, Keller Williams associates gather with thousands of top agents and leaders for four days of networking and training. This is our opportunity to reenergize and take our business to the next level; learn from the best in the business and attend powerful sessions. We are so excited to bring back new systems, marketing ideas, and tools to better serve you. It was a great trip, and we wanted to share some of our favorite moments with you.

Gary Keller is Standing Up for Real Estate Agents

We couldn’t be prouder to know our company is led by such a strategic and innovative leader. Gary Keller is fighting to protect the agent instead of trying to remove or marginalize the agent like other online real estate sites. He’s made it his mission, and as a result Keller Williams is ready for a shifting real estate market. Keller Williams has spent the last few years building a platform that will allow each individual agent to be their own Netflix in their individual markets. We cannot wait to use this new platform to better serve you.

Mo Anderson’s Inspirational Breakfast

Listening to Mo Anderson, the Vice Chairman of KW, speak reminded us of why we fell in love with Keller Williams in the first place– culture. Mo brought special guests on stage that shared stories of strength, perseverance and inspiration. One story that really had an impact on all of us was the story of  Jill Anoia. When her husband Steven was diagnosed with ALS last year, her Keller Williams family wanted to reduce the burden on the family any way they could. They asked Steven what they could do to help and he let them know that he wanted to own a home for his family. They jumped into action and raised over $100,000 to buy a home for Jill and Steven.

During Family Reunion KW Cares awarded Jill and Steven an additional $30,000 to make their new home handicap accessible, but it didn’t stop there. Keller Williams agents in attendance used the Keller Williams app to personally donate an additional $92,410 to help pay off Jill and Steven’s mortgage.

“No transaction is worth our reputation”

This was one of our favorite on stage reminders from Family Reunion. To grow a business at a high level, you have to set a high standard for how you treat others. We will continue to follow the Keller Williams belief system in everything we do.

  • Win-Win: Keller Williams goals are to engage in real estate, not for the benefit of only one person, but for everyone involved in the transaction. You can never find success at the expense of another. Win-win or no deal.
  • Integrity: As a real estate agent, you’re in the business of helping people buy and sell. The only way to do this is to do it the right way, each time, every time.
  • Commitment: If you are going to do it, then you need to make sure that you follow through. Keller Williams agents are interested in building lifelong relationships.
  • Communication: The world is larger than one person’s view. Understanding where people are coming from and going to will lead to success in all areas of our life, including your real estate career.
  • Creativity: Why follow old, outdated business models when there are new, innovative and proven ones that work? There is always a way to “improve” a system. Don’t be afraid to jump in and take the reigns if you have a new or original idea.
  • Customers: This is not a “property” or “money” business. Real estate is definitely a people business.
  • Trust: There is not enough room in this world for lies. Honesty will weather any storm. This is a fundamental philosophy that carries with you in each and every part of your life.
  • Teamwork: When you join Keller Williams, you do not have to go at it alone. There are many people in this company that can help you during your journey.
  • Success: It’s the people in your life and in your business that make you successful. To be great, surround yourself with greatness, which is exactly what you have with Keller Williams Realty.

You are Going to Love the New Keller Williams App!

During Family Reunion we got a preview of the new Keller Williams App being release next quarter. (You can watch for yourself below!) This app is going to put so much more information in your hands. Soon you will be able to access real estate information from your phone as easily as you check the weather.  From your app you will be able to see your home’s value, follow neighborhood’s you are interested in, track your real estate transactions in real time, and more! Once released, we will be sharing with all of you!

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